Great Screen for the price for Visual Teaching

As we all know often church equipment is not the highest quality. Being a visual teacher it is tough to rely on unreliable equipment. A long time ago I invested in my own equipment. The screen I currently use is a Yard Master 2 (link goes to the amazon page. Yard Master 2 screen

There are a lot of great things about this screen.

  1. Screens can be expensive and this one is reasonable.
  2. This screen is very portable, great carrying bag and the aluminum construction on the frames beautifully folds down, but is sturdy at the same time.
  3. It comes in a variety of different sizes and the one I have I can setup in a class room or in my house or outside, so lots of variability.
  4. I use back projection, so that I can point things out on the screen without getting between the projector and the screen. The back projection material on this screen works great.

The screen works so great, that last time I was in Africa, I brought along the biggest model front projection with me to the missionary in Africa for use showing the Jesus Film. (If funds are short, aren’t they always… I will post later about how to use a shower curtain instead, which I used for the first year that I visually taught.