Kingstone’s 101 Questions about the Bible and Christianity

Kingstone’s 101 Questions about the Bible and Christianity vol 1 I have to applaud for choosing to put this sort of content in comic fashion.

101 Questions about the Bible and Christianity Volume 1 by Kingstone Comics

The comic answers five questions:

  1. Where did Cain get his wife?
  2. What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
  3. Where was Jesus for the three days between his crucifixion and the resurrection?
  4. What happens to people right after death?
  5. Does the Bible mention aliens or UFOs?

The questions are answered by addressing different views, but in general from a conservative literal reading of the scripture. So the dinosaurs is a young earth creation point of view.

The challenge of using comics in visual teaching is that the conversation bubbles sometimes detract from what you are teaching. In general buying copies of this and giving it to youth, might be the best way to teach.

This comic can be found in Vyrso, which will load it into the logos software here.

The Kindle copy can be found here.

Visualized Bible Art Library

The Visualized Bible Art Library is a collection of paintings done in the 1980s. What is unusual about this collection is it spans almost the whole Bible with over 4,500 images. Some of the images are verse by verse representations of the story. Which is especially great when focusing on single stories. The art purposely tries to be family friendly in that there is no gore or blood and the more violent sections of the Bible are just hinted at.

The below low res example image is from 2 Kings 11:1 Queen Athaliah ordering the death of all the heirs to the throne. Here you see the value of the set, it is extremely rare to find an image set that has images for these obscure pieces of the Bible. This particular story in 2 Kings 11 has 16 images illustrating it verse by verse.

2 Kings 11:1 Athaliah orders the death of the heirs

The full information on the set is a little scattered. The original images were sold on this Gospel Services and this is still the best place to get info on the set, but they are actually sold now in a series of 10 volumes by Glad Tidings Publishing

Kingstone Bible – An unbelievable source of great art

The Kingstone Bible is an amazing piece of Christian art for the visual teacher, because it contains so many pieces of scripture that for otherwise there are no pictures.

Kingstone Bible Volume 8
Kingstone Bible Volume 8

For instance, who else fully illustrates Nahum and Habakkuk, not many, but you find it in the Kingstone Bible. The Kingstone Bible is actually more complete in this sense than the “Action Bible” it’s chief competitor.

The main site for the Kingstone Bible is here:

Some parts of the Bible are available in Logos Software, you just have to buy them from Vyrso and they will show up in your logos.

Most issues are available for Kindle Kingstone on Amazon



The Biblical Art of Ted Larson

Among all the art I use teaching, I don’t think I use anyone’s art more than Ted Larson.


Ted Larson is a modern digital artist, who has done five series that go through the following five books of the Bible:

  1. Exodus
  2. Ezekiel
  3. Daniel
  4. Zechariah
  5. Revelation

All five are amazing and the Ezekiel and Zechariah two are especially gems because there are so few artists that do much from those books.

If you are going to buy useful art for teaching I highly recommend you check out his art at Ted Larson Online Store