The Biblical Art of George Tinworth

Some of the amazing George Tinworth art that I have found from various sources:

The “Cities of Refuge” found on George Tinworth’s Wikipedia page

Notice the refugee is wearing a crown of thorns, possibly that he is righteously being persecuted. He escapes from an axe throw through “The Door of Mercy” which the engraved verses around the relief call out John 14:6 that Jesus is the door.

“The Adoration of the Wisemen”

The above image was found with other great images at

The below is “Awaiting the Head of John the Baptist”

This image was found with other great Biblical images at

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The Biblical Etchings of Gustave Dore

In the late 1800’s Gustave Dore created some of the most beautiful biblical etchings ever done. He also ended up doing Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno.


In all there are 241 etchings that span the whole Bible. These are relatively common online for instance the copies you find online will be of varying sizes and resolutions, though in general it is easier to find larger copies, then it is other artists.

There are multiple paid outlets for these public domain pictures:

  1. Amazon, but be very careful which Kindle you buy with them, because there is one that is empty. The reviews will guide you
  2. Accordance Bible Software has a product Bible Art Collection that contains most of Dore’s Bible stuff (the apocrypha is missing). Though the size of the pictures is the same as found on the internet.
  3. The best place to get them is in Glo Bible software, they by far have the largest with the best resolution copies I have found, all with excellent scans. Below is one of the etchings from Glo of Paul being arrested. The copy I uploaded was 2265×2880 this is almost worth the purchase price of Glo in and of itself. The pros to using Glo for these pictures is that they have each picture attached to the chapter in the Bible that it depicts. The downside is that the pictures are little hard to get to for presentations and you may have to screenshot them.


The Biblical Paintings of James Tissot


In the history of painting no artist painted as much of the Bible as James Tissot. At the age of 49 Tissot had a revival in his Catholic faith, already an established painter, he spent the next 17 years of his life painting the Bible. His initial work was in the gospels and he painted almost every event from the four gospels, including some landscape and portraits of Biblical figures. The paintings were published multiple times in books usually with the title “The Life of Our Savior Jesus Christ”. There were 365 main paintings some editions have 462 because they contain line drawing studies. Most of these originals are owned by the Brooklyn Museum

He then began to paint the old testament and died in the process of that, though his assistants finished most of his planned work. These were published in a couple of editions and there are 396 of them in all. Most of the original water colors of these are owned by the Jewish Museum.

He never painted Acts, the Letters or Revelation.

Where to get his art:

  1. Both the Brooklyn Museum who owns his gospel art and the Jewish Museum who own his old testament art have scans from his printed books of his paintings online. The Jewish museum has only about one third of his old testament images. The Brooklyn Museum has maybe 320. Often these photos are of average size and the colors are dull. Most of what you find floating around are just copies of these. This includes kindles that contain the images.
  2. Glo Bible Software – Glo has 69 of his Gospel paintings in the program. These are beautifully color adjusted and are a truly massive size, for instance the one below is 5522 x 3704. Though the Glo pictures are hard to access at their full resolution. (See bottom of the post for an example)
  3. Their was a site, which I will write more about named Christ Images that used to sell a package of touched up art, again their copies were beautifully color adjusted and massive, but unfortunately the site was taken down a long time ago.
  4. Logos Bible Software – Logos has collected many but not all of Tissot’s paintings into 3 of their products, these copies are the same copies the Brooklyn Museum and Jewish Museum put out, culled off wikiart. The tagging on them is poor, so compared to many logos resources there is not much search value added by having them in Logos. There are multiple ways to get them in Logos:
    1. Verbum Sacred Art – James Tissot – This is actually part of a package with 4 other artists, the advantage to these is you get a table of contents, though the pics are listed in no particular order and some of the names are obscure.
    2. Logos Media – The paintings though not mentioned were part of this base package product, unfortunately the media search is so poor it is hard to find any of them without browsing
    3. Logos Now – Logos Now has a new media search and the Tissot paintings are here as well, but they are still poorly tagged.
Christ Healing the Lame in the Temple by James Tissot from Glo Bible Software
Christ Healing the Lame in the Temple by James Tissot from Glo Bible Software