Race Issues all the Christian Leaders saying the Wrong Thing

As I grew up, race was a non-issue. In my whole life I have only met one person who was really racist. This guy that I met at Wendy’s said that backing up your own people was all that really mattered. I avoided this guy the rest of the night as I viewed him as a fool. One of the key things we learn about God’s character is in the selection of King David as king, he says “Pay no attention to how tall or handsome he is, for man looks at the outside, I look at the heart.” MLK Jr knew this when he said, (loosely paraphrased), “I look forward to the day when my kids will be judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”. What this teaches us is that race in practical means does not exist, which is true, there are not multiple races there is one the human race, that is it. Ethnicology which came up with this train wreck of race is a bad science from the late 1800’s. There is genetically less than 2% between a “white” person and a “white” person and there is the same amount between a “white” and “black” person. It is no different. We are one race, not looking at this is why I married a woman who looks the opposite of me. It didn’t matter to me, I liked that we were different. This will not be a fundamental piece of our kids identity, yes that that they are part African and part Cuban. Yes Jesus. Yes being American. Yes being my children, but no to race.

All of this stuff makes me ill. So, much hate and unforgiveness. Let’s deal with issues as they are now. The first thing is Jesus needs to be accepted and followed as it will change people’s hearts.

So to summarize:

  1. Race in fighting is ridiculous.
  2. People that are racist are problematic… but I am talking about real racists, people that are really playing home teamism regarding skin color. I am not talking about some subconscious nonsense. These people have freedom of speech, but no one should say they are virtuous no matter what color they are.
  3. All the real issues are in the following order:
    1. People’s hearts in submitting to and following God
    2. People need to confront their own evil
    3. Parents need to do their job to raise their kids and love their spouses
    4. Media needs to do the right thing and support the people that are doing the right thing, don’t just stir up trouble.
    5. People should be supporting the police not decrying them.
    6. People should not be resisting arrest and should respect police
    7. People should respect the rule of law.
    8. Riots should never be honored.
    9. Financial disparities based on area income levels, need to be dealt with, in the sense of making sure opportunities are available for people wanting to do better.
    10. High crime areas need policed.

This blog doesn’t fit the purpose of this blog at all and I hope I will eventually delete it, I am just really frustrated with Christian leaders playing into the race nonsense.