Hate Speech vs Free Speech – Bigots, Nazi, Republicans and Democrats

(This post is for a series of posts on sexuality that I will eventually move to a different blog)

Right now in the media hate speech is a big deal. The word hate conjures up a person yelling and spitting irrationally. In normal speech we use the word all the times, like a Red Sox’ fan going “ugh I hate the Yankees”. Obviously that brings up a different picture.

In the Bible as in all of life there should always be a separation of inward feelings from outward expressions. “Hate Speech” would be an outward expression of an inward feeling. Making it illegal or punishing people for saying a certain thing, does not change their heart. What’s begun to happen is the process of re-education is being introduced to deal with the heart, where people are forced to attend classes to change their view.

What this is essentially saying is having some views in society is unacceptable and forcing people (through laws and re-education) is necessary to change their views. I highly disagree with this. I believe that in a free society where ideas are valued, that bad and corrosive ideas should be dealt with through honest debate and contention. Not by force, the true points and biases should be brought forward and dealt with one by one. I think the word “hate” has become a “poisoning the well” type of word. “Poisoning the well” is when someone tries to get you to have a strong feeling against a point of view, not through reason, but through emotion, so that you never actually reason through it. Negative words, that paint horrible pictures of views, like hate, bigotry, shame, extreme, far, nazi etc. even associating ideas with “Republican” or “Democrat” can poison the idea or issue, so that people never really deal with the issue at all. In my writings you will never find me disrespecting another’s position like that and “hate” has no place here, everyone’s views I will treat as reasonable and deal with on their own merits.

You can also recognize this mindset, when you have people either give death threats, or threaten to “dox” (release someone’s personal info online). These tactics again instead of fairly dealing with ideas in the public arena… try to personalize and control things, by force. This is the real hate.

Below are a list of links where we see “hate” used in a “poisoning the well” force sense.

Visit the cartoon by Adam Ford which points out the flaw in “hate speech” perfectly: Adam Ford’s cartoon on definig hate speech

Recently Amazon’s banning of books by people who once practiced a gay lifestyle, but no longer do, counts, because instead of letting them speak and defeating them on the content of what they are saying, their books are banned, because they do not view orientation as unchangeable. I encourage you to sign the petitions to amazon to reverse this course. Petition to stop speech ban on Amazon

PragerU did a great semi-animated video about the ridiculous reaction some people had to someone who simply disagreed with a position video is here

This inability to talk to each other and have open constructive dialog is satirized often in the Babylon Bee. Here is one about Megan Rapinoe who apparently has said she will only meet with politicians that agree with her. Megan Rapinoe Bee Story (Note: this story is satirical poking fun at her inability to consider other view points)

The Babylon Bee has another satirical point which pokes fun at our inability to want to listen to anyone else’s point of view. The headline reads Study Confirms All Your Opinions are Correct