Homosexuality and Kids Cartoons: Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, Arthur and many more

Below I am going to list all the networks and shows that have featured homosexual content in kids cartoon shows. I have some basic premises in writing this article:

  1. Every child deserves a mother and a father, so having two parents of the same sex, is a broken parenting relationship. Kids need both male and female love for healthy development and any kid that is missing a healthy one of them is usually well aware of the lack.
  2. Every show listed below, most likely has two goals of including homosexuality in it.
    1. Inclusiveness – They want kids that have homosexual parents or kids that feel like they are homosexual to be seen as normal. There are four problems with that though:
      1. Young kids should be given the ideal not the realistic.
      2. Homosexuality is inherently broken, you can see this, because it cannot self-propagate, because a homosexuals cannot reproduce through homosexual sex, this also means they cannot form the building block of a stable society, a family, without someone else letting them have their kid. Yet the below shows represent homosexuality in the light of healthy and normal, when even a kid with homosexual parents should understand it’s deficiencies. Beyond that the health concerns and the power nature of the sex (especially with gay male sex) shows it’s inherent brokenness.
      3. This is a sensitive topic that should be left in the hands of parents, media organizations should not be undermining parents.
      4. Young kids should not be sexualized, by teaching them defective sexual relationships.
      5. The people that created these shows no doubt, worry that children of gay kids might be bullied. Bullying is an evil and should always be discouraged. By bullying I mean making fun of, not legitimately having an opinion that something is wrong and voicing that opinion in a polite way. The bullying reason is not a strong enough reason to overcome any of the above.
    2. Aside from 1. Inclusiveness above, the second reason is to normalize homosexuality. In other words to indoctrinate or propagandize. TV thanks to the efforts of GLAAD has done wonders in normalizing the view that homosexuality is normal. I strongly do not agree. Homosexuality is both broken and weakens the fabric of a healthy society.

Finally, if you disagree with me, you may view my position as “hateful”, because it is out of vogue to consider intelligent reasons for the opposite view point. I view all deviations from the Christian sexual ethic in the same way: Polygamy, Polyamory, Adultery, Pedophilia, Incest, Beastiality, Rape, Prostitution, Gang Rape, Pornography, Sexual Abuse, sex trafficing and Transgenderism. At least some of the above hopefully you agree with me in and it is not hateful to think any of these are unhealthy for society and wrong.

Here are the cartoons and networks and streaming services that have failed us (which is pretty much all of them, except for jellytelly and pureflix):

  1. Disney “Toy Story 4” It was almost subliminal, but one of the techniques to normalize things is just slide it in for a moment, the goal is to de-sensitize people to the issue. This is what happens in Toy Story 4 as two gay moms pick up their child from the day care. Did they need to be gay moms… nope. One millions moms has a petition up so that Disney knows that they should not continue to do this, I encourage you to read it and sign it. 
  2. Disney is also under immense pressure to ruin Frozen, by making Elsa gay. Life site petitions is doing it’s best to influence Disney, since this hasn’t happened yet, I highly encourage you to sign their petition.
  3. Hulu has done a whole show called “The Bravest Knight” about two dads and their daughter with the theme the bravest thing you can do is being who you are. I am sorry, if who you are is corrupt, the last thing you should do is embrace it.
  4. Arthur on PBS kids and the Gay Wedding. Take a look at the one million moms petition here
  5. Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior with animated gay parents. Life Site has a petition on this one you can find it here.
  6. The Dragon Prince on Netflix with lesbian queen’s kissing.
  7. Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney XD with a lesbian kiss.
  8. Steven Universe on Cartoon Network rife with gay themes. Including the first homosexual marriage proposal between two lesbians. One million mom’s just started a petition about Cartoon Network marketing gay pride to kids. Please sign here
  9. Adventure Time on Cartoon Network showing a lesbian kiss in the season finale.
  10. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “The Last Crusade” – In one of the last season episodes makes Scootaloos caretakers a lesbian couple. I have not seen the episode yet, but at least it is subtle, but it disappoints me, because they ruined a near perfect run of a safe show. Lifesite news printed an article with an address that you can write to Hasbro about the issue. The article is found here

I encourage all of you to write these companies and sign petitions. Entertainment aimed at kids should not be sexualized and should not be a tool of indoctrination into an immoral behavior.

For healthier shows, check out my article on the best moral, educational, and spiritual shows.

Arthur and Gay Weddings PBSkids you have failed us

Based on this article in Life Site News https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pbs-kids-cartoon-arthur-features-homosexual-wedding

I wrote PBS at this address:

Jonathan Abbott
President and CEO, WGBH
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

Below is the content of my letter:

I am a big fan of PBS Kids. I have three small children and I am constantly disappointed with Disney and even more disappointed with Nickelodeon. I crave content that teaches my kids: spiritually, morally and educationally. PBS has had a couple of hits for us in those areas. The Berenstain Bears and Adventures in the Book of Virtues are two of the best morally.

 I want virtue for my kids, recently I was very disappointed in PBS. Specifically, in featuring a gay marriage in Arthur. I understand one of the main goals of Arthur is to see reflective representation. The thing is, I don’t want a reflection of broken society and sexuality. I want something better. For 4-8 year olds, which is what the show is aimed at, I want ideals to shoot for, not things that are going to introduce confusion into kids.

 It should be my job to teach my kids about sexuality and I am. Very early thanks to outside sources that are forcing me to. I have had to explain homosexuality and transgenderism to my seven year old multiple times already. She is too young to have to deal with these complexities.

 I spend a great deal of my time studying alternative sexualities. This show disrespects all the parents in this hot bed issue that believe that homosexuality is unhealthy and broken. You may disagree, but by pushing the issue to their children, you completely disrespect your audience.

 What is next, should we show our children Polyamorous relationships, Pre-marital sex as normal (as if commitment for life means nothing), polygamy, transgender adults, transgender youth, or eventually pederasty and pedophilia? Whatever makes people happy right?

Children who grow up without a father or mother know that they are missing something, when we normalize gay families we disrespect the role of the mother or the father in a child’s development. The strongest society is made up of those of whole families.

 This was a disastrous decision on PBS part and makes me distrust the whole network. Your network was the only one that my kids had free reign on. Unfortunately you have shown me I cannot even trust you.