Dragon Prince and Lesbian Queens… you guys have failed us

I wrote this to Netflix and I thought I would share it with the rest of the world:

This is feedback on the Dragon Prince. I crave virtuous content, content with good messages, it doesn’t matter if it has violence or sex (I will explain this below the letter), but I want something that is healthy for society, so much so that the endless garbage Netflix has been putting out made me drop myself down to a teenage filter, not to have to wade through the endless horrible MA content you make. So the Dragon Prince comes out, and I love it. I was a huge fan of Avatar the Last Airbender and it is made by and uses some of the same talent. The first season was spectacular and then I got to I think the fourth episode of the 2nd season. Where we have two gay queens kissing. Here is the problem with this, first I want to teach my kids about homosexuality, not a cartoon and I want to have safe programs to watch with them… and this destroyed this one. Second you are thinking shame labels to me already, bigot, homophobic… actually I believe sexuality is incredibly important for the health of a society and the family. I think unlike what this cartoon teaches that a father is intimately important for every kid and two mothers do not take that place. I think normalizing this to kid does them a disservice. Beyond that, you confuse genders, by making women the fiercest warriors. No woman will ever be as fierce as the fiercest male… duh look at prisons. Men and Women are different and true feminism does not make women into men, it affirms and realizes the importance of the female experience. Come on Netflix and Dragon Prince, don’t pander to a broken culture, give kids healthy models, where both parents male and female matter and really do create a healthy child. I could not have done without my mom and if it was not for my brother I would have no idea what a healthy man looked like.


This was not in the Netflix letter: What I mean by I do not mind sex and violence in my television shows. There are a couple of different philosophies from dedicated to Jesus Christians. One of those is that displaying evil in tv shows is okay to the extent that it gives you an understanding of the brokenness of sin, this does not mean it should be in excess. Think Alfred Hitchcock and the murders in his movies. They are rarely shown, just hinted at, but their full weight is felt. As well take adultery in a movie like Fatal Attraction vs the Bridges of Madison County. One shows adultery for what it is, pure destruction… the other shows a fairy tale where it makes the person committing the adultery out to be a hero for escaping a loveless marriage. This is not meant to be a treatise on marriage and divorce, what I am saying is the commitment needs to be sacred and fought for, harder than anything else we fight for.  So I don’t mind sin in my movies, but the context of them is vitally important don’t glorify sex and violence to titillate me… I was over that in my mid-20s give me something more!!! Give me difficult virtue and models and interpretations and story telling that bring out the best in society, not glorifying our basest urges!!!

By the way I am in my first marriage to a glorious brown skinned African and I am pretty much a white American with Cuban descent. I like diversity, not broken sexuality.

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