The Films of Danny Carrales ranked

I have not really posted yet in how to use movies as teaching tools, but there is so much Christian media that needs promoted and used to build people’s faith. Case in point are the movies of Danny Carrales. Many Christian movies have insipid morality that does not go anywhere and it drives me crazy, because I crave deep Christian truth and virtue in my movies. Everyone of Danny’s movies accomplish that. The production values are not the strongest, but they have constantly improved. I highly recommend watching his movies from in my opinion the best to the worst:

  1. Heaven’s War – Easily the highest quality in technical aspects as well as having a deep spiritual story. This film is a gem that it is tragic that more people are not aware of. The special effects in the movie are worth the price of admission in and of themselves. Here is the trailer:
  2. Final Exit – Though some of the conflicts were tough to portray without feeling a little cheese, the overall movie was powerful and the dialogue excellent. The movie focuses on who is saved and why, when multiple people enter judgement together and a demon and angel conflict over them. Not only inline with the Bible, but goes much deeper into the ramifications of Biblical philosophy.
  3. The Harvest – End times movie, I just enjoyed the lead actor and his hope and love for what he discovered in Jesus.
  4. Escape from Hell – Doctor kills himself to have a near death experience and discovers what really happens on the other side while his friends try to revive him. Super fun.
  5. Pilgrim’s Progress – Based on the classic John Bunyan tale.