Reverend Fun – A Good Source for a Comedic Insight

Reverend Fun is a website from Harper Collins that has Far Side like Biblical cartoons. These cartoons range from bad puns, like the “Golden Calve” instead of the “Golden Calf” to some more insightful cartoons.

On the pun side here is one of hundreds that I like:

Reverend Fun

The other day I was explaining Syncretism to some of my students and one of the cartoons has a guy telling Jesus that he used to be an atheist and then he was reincarnated and now he totally gets where Jesus is coming from (Syncretism is mixing two different world views to come out with a new one).

In visual teaching I like to sprinkle in one or two cartoons or visual jokes just to change gears a little and since Reverend Fun has a search, it is a great source.

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