Charting the End Times by Time Lahaye – Incredible Visual Teaching Resource

Charting the End Times CD-ROM is an incredibly special resource. This resource is out of print and it is so rare, that if you see it, you need to buy it now. It is that good!!! Well as long as you are teaching dispensational premillennialism, (that is a mouthful, basically the idea that the tribulation and rapture are yet to come and that Revelation is future prophecy) if you are preterist (Revelation is about past history) then you have no need for this.

Charting the End Times

Tim LaHaye some of you may remember, because he was one of the co-authors of Left Behind. He has a book named “Charting the End Times”, that contains a ton of great charts that make Revelation easy to understand. This CD-ROM is a teachers companion to that book. The reason it is so amazing is it comes with 50 pre-made power point charts, that fill themselves in with each click. So you start with a blank screen and every click fills in a complex time line/chart. It makes it super easy to explain things. I have never seen a better power point product for teaching Revelation. Below is a screen shot of one of the charts filled in, there were 20 clicks to get it to fill in that far.


I highly recommend this resource it is unique and high quality. 5 Stars.

Unfortunately I could not find this for sale anymore on LaHaye’s website and a copy on Amazon is in the hundreds.

Charting the End Times CD-Rom on Amazon

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