Biblical Reconstructions – Why they are Important for Visual Teaching

A Biblical Reconstruction is where an artist recreates what things (often cities) looked like during Biblical times. One of the most famous is the model in the picture below from Logos Bible Photos of the 1st Century Model of Jerusalem currently on display Israel Museum. Almost every book source of pictures will contain a close up of at least the temple.

Jerusalem Model

These reconstructions would be the equivalent of giving the reader scenery when retelling a Biblical story visually. It can give them a feeling of space and movement, which maps do as well, just the three dimensional nature of a reconstruction does even more.

If you want to get really crazy, the best reconstructions I have found are in Glo Bible Software. Glo has these insane 360 degree virtual tours (See my review of Glo here). Some are of modern day Biblical sites (like the Pool of Bethesda excavation) or some are from computer reconstructed models, there is one that you can walk from the Damascus gate to the Temple, through the Temple and then all the way down to the Pool of Siloam.

These are crazy detail and fun. I encourage you to use reconstructions, it will let your students have a good picture in their mind when they read the Bible.

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