Race Issues all the Christian Leaders saying the Wrong Thing

As I grew up, race was a non-issue. In my whole life I have only met one person who was really racist. This guy that I met at Wendy’s said that backing up your own people was all that really mattered. I avoided this guy the rest of the night as I viewed him as a fool. One of the key things we learn about God’s character is in the selection of King David as king, he says “Pay no attention to how tall or handsome he is, for man looks at the outside, I look at the heart.” MLK Jr knew this when he said, (loosely paraphrased), “I look forward to the day when my kids will be judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”. What this teaches us is that race in practical means does not exist, which is true, there are not multiple races there is one the human race, that is it. Ethnicology which came up with this train wreck of race is a bad science from the late 1800’s. There is genetically less than 2% between a “white” person and a “white” person and there is the same amount between a “white” and “black” person. It is no different. We are one race, not looking at this is why I married a woman who looks the opposite of me. It didn’t matter to me, I liked that we were different. This will not be a fundamental piece of our kids identity, yes that that they are part African and part Cuban. Yes Jesus. Yes being American. Yes being my children, but no to race.

All of this stuff makes me ill. So, much hate and unforgiveness. Let’s deal with issues as they are now. The first thing is Jesus needs to be accepted and followed as it will change people’s hearts.

So to summarize:

  1. Race in fighting is ridiculous.
  2. People that are racist are problematic… but I am talking about real racists, people that are really playing home teamism regarding skin color. I am not talking about some subconscious nonsense. These people have freedom of speech, but no one should say they are virtuous no matter what color they are.
  3. All the real issues are in the following order:
    1. People’s hearts in submitting to and following God
    2. People need to confront their own evil
    3. Parents need to do their job to raise their kids and love their spouses
    4. Media needs to do the right thing and support the people that are doing the right thing, don’t just stir up trouble.
    5. People should be supporting the police not decrying them.
    6. People should not be resisting arrest and should respect police
    7. People should respect the rule of law.
    8. Riots should never be honored.
    9. Financial disparities based on area income levels, need to be dealt with, in the sense of making sure opportunities are available for people wanting to do better.
    10. High crime areas need policed.

This blog doesn’t fit the purpose of this blog at all and I hope I will eventually delete it, I am just really frustrated with Christian leaders playing into the race nonsense.

Homosexuality and Christianity – Three Views and the Media Attached to Each

(This post is for a Christian Sexual Ethic blog that I plan to create, so it does not fit with my usual posts)

Whenever I teach about sexuality and Christianity and we talk about the current landscape I make sure that people understand the three ways that Christianity and Homosexuality intermix within the church. This is an overview and does not go into the reasons:

  1. Ex-Gay Community: Core beliefs… homosexuality is a sin and orientation is fluid. (Note: Ex-Gay does not imply the feelings absolutely disappear, but diminish and something replaces them)
  2. Gay, but not practicing: Core beliefs… homosexual action is a sin and may or may not be born that way, but pre-disposition does not determine right and wrong. So, the big difference between the Ex-Gay vs. Gay but not practicing is a belief on how fluid orientation is and possibly, but not universally if celibate or hetero is embraced.
  3. Gay Christianity: Core beliefs… consentual in spiritual marriage homosexual action is not a sin, but uneven power dynamics, sex outside of marriage are sins. Orientation is born that way and established by God. There is actually a whole gay theology that is used to support this. (Personally I disagree with the exegesis on much, but not all gay theology, but I want to represent their view).

Media that supports each:

Ex-Gay Community movies and books:

  1. There is an organization named Pure Passion that has some amazing testimonies from the Ex-Gay community and has a great documentary on the subject. The documentary is called: Such Were Some of You and goes over theology, biology and psychology for the whole thing citing some of the experts and largest proponents of the ex-gay movement and including large chunks of testimonies from ex-gay individuals. The documentary can be found here. Such Were Some of You documentary
  2. “I Was Once Gay” by Luca Di Tolve – Luca was a famous Italian gay activist actor, business man, who now is married with kids. This book is the story of his journey. An article about it can be found here. Article about Luca Di Tolve
  3. “Gay Girl, Good God” by Jackie Hill Perry – This is an amazing book by poet Jackie Hill Perry where she explains her sexual journey with the more important background context of her finding God. It very much is a counter balance to the book “Torn” by Justin Lee that is listed below.
  4. Culture Institue: The Bible and Homosexuality Series by Dr. Robert Gagnon” This two dvd teaching lesson would probably fit both into the Ex-Gay and Gay but not Practicing areas. I have not watched it yet. Dr. Gagnon is also featured on the “Such Were Some of You” documentary.

Gay but Not Practicing Community media:

  1. Living Out Website – One of the primary websites for this view is called Living Out. On the site there are testimonies and view point articles that greater explain this point of view.
  2. Writer Andrew Blunt in his blog about what it means to “Come Out” in the “Gay but Not Practicing” community. His blog can be found here. Coming out advice for Gay but not practicing Christians

Gay Christian Community movies and books:

  1. “Torn” by Justin Lee – “Torn” is the story of Justin Lee resolving his Christianity and his homosexuality. What’s interesting about Justin is almost all the usual psychological things that are associated with homosexuality he is missing. His attachment to his parents is not lopsided at all and his relationship with father is healthy and mother is not over bearing. No abuse, no pornography usage. He may or may not be an outlier, but his book is worth reading.
  2. “Camp Out” – “Camp Out” is a documentary about a Gay Christian summer camp. High school students that have identified as being gay join together with a gay pastor and explore Christianity and struggle with what it means to be gay and Christian.

Hate Speech vs Free Speech – Bigots, Nazi, Republicans and Democrats

(This post is for a series of posts on sexuality that I will eventually move to a different blog)

Right now in the media hate speech is a big deal. The word hate conjures up a person yelling and spitting irrationally. In normal speech we use the word all the times, like a Red Sox’ fan going “ugh I hate the Yankees”. Obviously that brings up a different picture.

In the Bible as in all of life there should always be a separation of inward feelings from outward expressions. “Hate Speech” would be an outward expression of an inward feeling. Making it illegal or punishing people for saying a certain thing, does not change their heart. What’s begun to happen is the process of re-education is being introduced to deal with the heart, where people are forced to attend classes to change their view.

What this is essentially saying is having some views in society is unacceptable and forcing people (through laws and re-education) is necessary to change their views. I highly disagree with this. I believe that in a free society where ideas are valued, that bad and corrosive ideas should be dealt with through honest debate and contention. Not by force, the true points and biases should be brought forward and dealt with one by one. I think the word “hate” has become a “poisoning the well” type of word. “Poisoning the well” is when someone tries to get you to have a strong feeling against a point of view, not through reason, but through emotion, so that you never actually reason through it. Negative words, that paint horrible pictures of views, like hate, bigotry, shame, extreme, far, nazi etc. even associating ideas with “Republican” or “Democrat” can poison the idea or issue, so that people never really deal with the issue at all. In my writings you will never find me disrespecting another’s position like that and “hate” has no place here, everyone’s views I will treat as reasonable and deal with on their own merits.

You can also recognize this mindset, when you have people either give death threats, or threaten to “dox” (release someone’s personal info online). These tactics again instead of fairly dealing with ideas in the public arena… try to personalize and control things, by force. This is the real hate.

Below are a list of links where we see “hate” used in a “poisoning the well” force sense.

Visit the cartoon by Adam Ford which points out the flaw in “hate speech” perfectly: Adam Ford’s cartoon on definig hate speech

Recently Amazon’s banning of books by people who once practiced a gay lifestyle, but no longer do, counts, because instead of letting them speak and defeating them on the content of what they are saying, their books are banned, because they do not view orientation as unchangeable. I encourage you to sign the petitions to amazon to reverse this course. Petition to stop speech ban on Amazon

PragerU did a great semi-animated video about the ridiculous reaction some people had to someone who simply disagreed with a position video is here

This inability to talk to each other and have open constructive dialog is satirized often in the Babylon Bee. Here is one about Megan Rapinoe who apparently has said she will only meet with politicians that agree with her. Megan Rapinoe Bee Story (Note: this story is satirical poking fun at her inability to consider other view points)

The Babylon Bee has another satirical point which pokes fun at our inability to want to listen to anyone else’s point of view. The headline reads Study Confirms All Your Opinions are Correct

Homosexuality and Kids Cartoons: Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, Arthur and many more

Below I am going to list all the networks and shows that have featured homosexual content in kids cartoon shows. I have some basic premises in writing this article:

  1. Every child deserves a mother and a father, so having two parents of the same sex, is a broken parenting relationship. Kids need both male and female love for healthy development and any kid that is missing a healthy one of them is usually well aware of the lack.
  2. Every show listed below, most likely has two goals of including homosexuality in it.
    1. Inclusiveness – They want kids that have homosexual parents or kids that feel like they are homosexual to be seen as normal. There are four problems with that though:
      1. Young kids should be given the ideal not the realistic.
      2. Homosexuality is inherently broken, you can see this, because it cannot self-propagate, because a homosexuals cannot reproduce through homosexual sex, this also means they cannot form the building block of a stable society, a family, without someone else letting them have their kid. Yet the below shows represent homosexuality in the light of healthy and normal, when even a kid with homosexual parents should understand it’s deficiencies. Beyond that the health concerns and the power nature of the sex (especially with gay male sex) shows it’s inherent brokenness.
      3. This is a sensitive topic that should be left in the hands of parents, media organizations should not be undermining parents.
      4. Young kids should not be sexualized, by teaching them defective sexual relationships.
      5. The people that created these shows no doubt, worry that children of gay kids might be bullied. Bullying is an evil and should always be discouraged. By bullying I mean making fun of, not legitimately having an opinion that something is wrong and voicing that opinion in a polite way. The bullying reason is not a strong enough reason to overcome any of the above.
    2. Aside from 1. Inclusiveness above, the second reason is to normalize homosexuality. In other words to indoctrinate or propagandize. TV thanks to the efforts of GLAAD has done wonders in normalizing the view that homosexuality is normal. I strongly do not agree. Homosexuality is both broken and weakens the fabric of a healthy society.

Finally, if you disagree with me, you may view my position as “hateful”, because it is out of vogue to consider intelligent reasons for the opposite view point. I view all deviations from the Christian sexual ethic in the same way: Polygamy, Polyamory, Adultery, Pedophilia, Incest, Beastiality, Rape, Prostitution, Gang Rape, Pornography, Sexual Abuse, sex trafficing and Transgenderism. At least some of the above hopefully you agree with me in and it is not hateful to think any of these are unhealthy for society and wrong.

Here are the cartoons and networks and streaming services that have failed us (which is pretty much all of them, except for jellytelly and pureflix):

  1. Disney “Toy Story 4” It was almost subliminal, but one of the techniques to normalize things is just slide it in for a moment, the goal is to de-sensitize people to the issue. This is what happens in Toy Story 4 as two gay moms pick up their child from the day care. Did they need to be gay moms… nope. One millions moms has a petition up so that Disney knows that they should not continue to do this, I encourage you to read it and sign it. 
  2. Disney is also under immense pressure to ruin Frozen, by making Elsa gay. Life site petitions is doing it’s best to influence Disney, since this hasn’t happened yet, I highly encourage you to sign their petition.
  3. Hulu has done a whole show called “The Bravest Knight” about two dads and their daughter with the theme the bravest thing you can do is being who you are. I am sorry, if who you are is corrupt, the last thing you should do is embrace it.
  4. Arthur on PBS kids and the Gay Wedding. Take a look at the one million moms petition here
  5. Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior with animated gay parents. Life Site has a petition on this one you can find it here.
  6. The Dragon Prince on Netflix with lesbian queen’s kissing.
  7. Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney XD with a lesbian kiss.
  8. Steven Universe on Cartoon Network rife with gay themes. Including the first homosexual marriage proposal between two lesbians. One million mom’s just started a petition about Cartoon Network marketing gay pride to kids. Please sign here
  9. Adventure Time on Cartoon Network showing a lesbian kiss in the season finale.
  10. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “The Last Crusade” – In one of the last season episodes makes Scootaloos caretakers a lesbian couple. I have not seen the episode yet, but at least it is subtle, but it disappoints me, because they ruined a near perfect run of a safe show. Lifesite news printed an article with an address that you can write to Hasbro about the issue. The article is found here

I encourage all of you to write these companies and sign petitions. Entertainment aimed at kids should not be sexualized and should not be a tool of indoctrination into an immoral behavior.

For healthier shows, check out my article on the best moral, educational, and spiritual shows.

Arthur and Gay Weddings PBSkids you have failed us

Based on this article in Life Site News https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pbs-kids-cartoon-arthur-features-homosexual-wedding

I wrote PBS at this address:

Jonathan Abbott
President and CEO, WGBH
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

Below is the content of my letter:

I am a big fan of PBS Kids. I have three small children and I am constantly disappointed with Disney and even more disappointed with Nickelodeon. I crave content that teaches my kids: spiritually, morally and educationally. PBS has had a couple of hits for us in those areas. The Berenstain Bears and Adventures in the Book of Virtues are two of the best morally.

 I want virtue for my kids, recently I was very disappointed in PBS. Specifically, in featuring a gay marriage in Arthur. I understand one of the main goals of Arthur is to see reflective representation. The thing is, I don’t want a reflection of broken society and sexuality. I want something better. For 4-8 year olds, which is what the show is aimed at, I want ideals to shoot for, not things that are going to introduce confusion into kids.

 It should be my job to teach my kids about sexuality and I am. Very early thanks to outside sources that are forcing me to. I have had to explain homosexuality and transgenderism to my seven year old multiple times already. She is too young to have to deal with these complexities.

 I spend a great deal of my time studying alternative sexualities. This show disrespects all the parents in this hot bed issue that believe that homosexuality is unhealthy and broken. You may disagree, but by pushing the issue to their children, you completely disrespect your audience.

 What is next, should we show our children Polyamorous relationships, Pre-marital sex as normal (as if commitment for life means nothing), polygamy, transgender adults, transgender youth, or eventually pederasty and pedophilia? Whatever makes people happy right?

Children who grow up without a father or mother know that they are missing something, when we normalize gay families we disrespect the role of the mother or the father in a child’s development. The strongest society is made up of those of whole families.

 This was a disastrous decision on PBS part and makes me distrust the whole network. Your network was the only one that my kids had free reign on. Unfortunately you have shown me I cannot even trust you.

Christian Episodes of Secular Cartoon Series

This is by no means a massive list, in fact right now I know of only two, though these two are fairly well known. If you know of anymore I would love to know about them, so leave a comment.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas – I love this shot at the commericalism of most Christmas specials as Linus lays down the true meaning of Christmas. The majority of the Charlie Brown specials don’t have any deep embedded spirituality, so this episode is a little abnormal.
    2 X-Men (Season 2 Episode 18) “Night Crawler” – With a surprisingly deep message, a jaded disillusioned hate filled Wolverine, meets Night Crawler a mutant that has been hated more than most, but is at peace and full of forgiveness. Night Crawler presents his faith to Wolverine and even gives him a Bible. At the end Wolverine begins to repair his relationship with God. Though not mentioning Jesus directly the strong Christian references and message is unmistakable. The biggest surprise is just that this one got on public television. 

For more on Christian Animation check out my post “Ranking of the Best Christian Animation Series/


The Biblical Art of George Tinworth

Some of the amazing George Tinworth art that I have found from various sources:

The “Cities of Refuge” found on George Tinworth’s Wikipedia page

Notice the refugee is wearing a crown of thorns, possibly that he is righteously being persecuted. He escapes from an axe throw through “The Door of Mercy” which the engraved verses around the relief call out John 14:6 that Jesus is the door.

“The Adoration of the Wisemen”

The above image was found with other great images at http://thebiblerevival.com/clipart18.htm

The below is “Awaiting the Head of John the Baptist”

This image was found with other great Biblical images at http://www.thebiblerevival.com/clipart18.htm

This image was found also at http://thebiblerevival.com/clipart17.htm

Dragon Prince and Lesbian Queens… you guys have failed us

I wrote this to Netflix and I thought I would share it with the rest of the world:

This is feedback on the Dragon Prince. I crave virtuous content, content with good messages, it doesn’t matter if it has violence or sex (I will explain this below the letter), but I want something that is healthy for society, so much so that the endless garbage Netflix has been putting out made me drop myself down to a teenage filter, not to have to wade through the endless horrible MA content you make. So the Dragon Prince comes out, and I love it. I was a huge fan of Avatar the Last Airbender and it is made by and uses some of the same talent. The first season was spectacular and then I got to I think the fourth episode of the 2nd season. Where we have two gay queens kissing. Here is the problem with this, first I want to teach my kids about homosexuality, not a cartoon and I want to have safe programs to watch with them… and this destroyed this one. Second you are thinking shame labels to me already, bigot, homophobic… actually I believe sexuality is incredibly important for the health of a society and the family. I think unlike what this cartoon teaches that a father is intimately important for every kid and two mothers do not take that place. I think normalizing this to kid does them a disservice. Beyond that, you confuse genders, by making women the fiercest warriors. No woman will ever be as fierce as the fiercest male… duh look at prisons. Men and Women are different and true feminism does not make women into men, it affirms and realizes the importance of the female experience. Come on Netflix and Dragon Prince, don’t pander to a broken culture, give kids healthy models, where both parents male and female matter and really do create a healthy child. I could not have done without my mom and if it was not for my brother I would have no idea what a healthy man looked like.


This was not in the Netflix letter: What I mean by I do not mind sex and violence in my television shows. There are a couple of different philosophies from dedicated to Jesus Christians. One of those is that displaying evil in tv shows is okay to the extent that it gives you an understanding of the brokenness of sin, this does not mean it should be in excess. Think Alfred Hitchcock and the murders in his movies. They are rarely shown, just hinted at, but their full weight is felt. As well take adultery in a movie like Fatal Attraction vs the Bridges of Madison County. One shows adultery for what it is, pure destruction… the other shows a fairy tale where it makes the person committing the adultery out to be a hero for escaping a loveless marriage. This is not meant to be a treatise on marriage and divorce, what I am saying is the commitment needs to be sacred and fought for, harder than anything else we fight for.  So I don’t mind sin in my movies, but the context of them is vitally important don’t glorify sex and violence to titillate me… I was over that in my mid-20s give me something more!!! Give me difficult virtue and models and interpretations and story telling that bring out the best in society, not glorifying our basest urges!!!

By the way I am in my first marriage to a glorious brown skinned African and I am pretty much a white American with Cuban descent. I like diversity, not broken sexuality.

To see other cartoons that are undermining parents on this issue check out: Homosexuality and Indoctrination in Kids Cartoons

To see some of the best spiritual and moral cartoons ranked see: Ranking the best spiritual and moral cartoons

The New Morality – Dishonest about slavery

I just got done reading about something called “The New Morality”. The basic idea behind it is that everyone should adopt this new moral code that these people wrote up and decouple morality from religion. Even though this post has nothing to do with Visual Teaching, I just had to write it up.

First and foremost separating morality and religion only works in an atheist worldview because religion is irrelevant and amounts to as much as choosing what your favorite color is. Here is the thing though… what if… God is real, if you ignore what he says, since he holds all the cards, then you are doing something very dangerous and the core of Christian morality is a relationship with God on his terms… not ours.

So, in reading about the new morality they say that Christians and Jews have supported slavery and they use quotes from Jefferson Davis and Richard Furman to support this. In doing this, they leave out the other side of the coin. If you have a chance I encourage you to watch the movie “Amistad” one of the key figures in the movie was John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States and was vehemently opposed to slavery and considered it his God given duty to bring down the institution and in his later years in congress he did everything he could until he died to accomplish that. The surprising thing is if you read most abolitionist literature and look at most abolitionist lives, you will find people deeply committed to Jesus. Another classic example is Harriet Tubman. So, who is right… Jefferson Davis or Harriet Tubman… the answer is easy, if you look at the arguments used by the South to justify slavery and the abolitionist to abolish it. One of them is based on theological interpretation that has existed forever… the other (the Southern) is cut from whole cloth. The southern justification was created almost completely from an episode in Genesis when Noah said that “Canaan would be a slave of his brothers”, scientists at this time had come to assume that black people were from the line of Canaan and hence black people should be slaves to white people. Noah’s prophecy was fulfilled during the conquest time of Joshua and has nothing to do with modern America.

You might be thinking wait… there you just said it, the prophecy of slavery was fulfilled in the Bible. It’s really easy to judge the ancient world by our safe anonymous protected by our military selves, but it is not fair to the ancient world. Life was brutal, food could be scarce and the economic system was hard. The thing the Hebrews had built in for them is two-fold. 1) They didn’t really have racial slavery, they had conquest slavery and indentured servitude. 2) All slaves were released every 7 years, which means there was no such thing as life-long forced slavery. This was amazingly progressive compared to the rest of the ancient world.

Later on Christianity began to break apart the institution in the Roman Empire, in Galatians it says “there is no Free or Slave in Christ Jesus”, well what this began to do and this is well attested historically is that a master and his slave would go to church together and the slave would be acting as a church leader where his master would be subservient to him. The effect of this is it brought about a dignity and an equality that brought slavery to an end in Christian areas, while it continued and intensified in other areas, such as the Muslim world. When racial slavery began to practiced during the colonial period it’s very foundation was against the Hebrew practices for three big reasons: 1) Again it was lifelong which is against Hebrew slavery (which was more of indentured servitude) 2) Hebrew slavery was never based on skin color, it was war and financial related 3) It is against the Hebrew scriptures to kidnap anyone, yet many of the African slaves were kidnapped.

In fact the reason black slaves latched onto Christianity so readily was due to the Exodus history. The Jews knew what it was like to be slaves and they attained freedom.

So, today slavery once again is a huge problem and not only have I never met a single Christian promoting it, but the vast majority of the people working against it I have met are Christians.

To sum up the New Morality is not only wrong about slavery, but a better moral principle would be to treat people’s world views fairly, which they clearly do not, which means their morality cannot be superior.



Interview with Art Ayris of Kingstone Comics on how Sin is depicted in Christian Art

One of the difficult aspects of doing Christian art is how do you deal with the depiction of sin. From having a married actor kiss another his co-star (not his wife on screen) to how sex and violence are depicted in visual media.

I thought it would be good to get the opinion of someone who is deep in the subject, so I asked Art Ayris of Kingstone Comics his thoughts.

Wayne: How did Kingstone Comics start?

Art: We really researched the comics industry as well as the CBA market – began identifying niches that weren’t being filled by Marvel-level graphic media. But it was really graphic novels that looked like the ticket.  As a former public school teacher as well as a children’s pastor for years, was always scrambling to find good material for kids. Some of the comic material veered into Catholic bashing, some was not up to the Marvel-quality that kids would read. A vision began forming and we felt a God-magnet type pull into media.

2) When doing art visually, what limits are there in representing sin? So for instance how graphic can violence be and why? How sexualized can images be or why?

Art: That is always the balancing act. Comics and graphic novels in the general market already have a reputation for over-sexualization and graphic violence. Especially since our market is young adult we don’t want to entice or give people reasons to look wrongly or with evil thoughts. But at the same time God made the human body and we can’t show everyone walking around in fur coats. There are always limits in portraying or representing sin but we still have to be faithful to what the Bible says happened – or will happen as in the book of Revelation. In the account of Judges 19 and the concubine that was raped and killed we show her lying on the ground with her hand on the threshold but she is bruised but still cloth, with text describing what the Bible says happened. In David’s affair with Bathsheba as recorded in II Samuel 11 we see David lying in bed but Bathsheba is leaving the bedroom. It is evident what happened and we also state what the Bible states.

Wayne: What’s your opinion of Christian art that has a see no evil attitude towards sin? As an example can visual violence in moves like Braveheart or Saving Private Ryan, can the violence there be compared to the bloodiness in movies like the SAW franchise. Many would condemn both as unhealthy for society.

Art: Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge were all fairly accurate depictions of what happened. I never saw any of the SAW franchise but from what I could tell was pretty gratuitous violence. Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw, Saw and others don’t put good thoughts and good ideas in young minds that are forming nor in mentally unstable individuals. Attached is an article from Wired magazine that quotes from psychological studies how thinking about God helps with self-control. That is where Kingstone is, trying to move people thoughts, hearts and minds in a Godward direction.